2011 Journals

Sketches from 2011

Images from Field Botany finale — 6 days travelling between Kamloops, Adams River, Fintry Provincial Park, the south Okanagan, up and over Manning Park, into the lush deciduous forests of Cultus Lake, to Riefel Wildlife Refuge, Burns Bog and Golden Ears before heading north by northeast into the dry interior of home.

Gold Creek and environs, Golden Ears

From Cultus to Riefel

Vaseux Lake to Teapot Hill

White Lake Protected Area

Fintry Provincial Park

Mt. Lolo, Kamloops, May 2011, with Field Botany Class

Botany Pond, NCC Property, Lac Du Bois

Emerging buttercups

The Evolution of Flowers class is continuing to monitor our local buttercup population, but after getting the class organized and prepared to sample the buttercups, we sat waiting for three weeks while the buttercups remained in bud stage. Finally, the first buttercup opened on March 18, 2011.

Stump shadow at Stake Lake, Feb. 12, 2011

Tracks in the snow, Stake Lake Feb 12, 2011

Lichens on dying Logepole Pines, Stake Lake

View across the wet meadow in snow, Stake lake