Older Journals

Images from older journals

Walking home from the university along Battle Street. Winter 2008

“Paint then write” exercise. WA. 2007

Haynes Lease sketches. Botany BC field trip. 2007

Macintyre Bluffs and White Lake sketches. Botany BC field trip. May 2007.

End of semester musing in greenhouse, TRU, Kamloops, BC. 2006

Spring in Petersen Creek, Kamloops BC

First sketch of aspen stands in Lac Du Bois grassland. Spring 2005

Dodecatheon, Helena Mt

Event Map drawn at Kathryn and Flash’s house, Winthrop, WA. Spring 2001

Edna Creek in Lincoln Valley, MT 2002

Freezeout Lake, MT. 2001