Wells Gray

Sketches from the Wells Gray Notebooks

Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park (Biol 409)

Small things sketched in the Wells Gray Education and Research Center staff cabin late at night.

Streamside at Phillip Creek (Biol 409)

Emerging flowers behind the WGERC, May 2010

field notes (2010 Biol 409 course)

more field notes, Biol 409

Calypso orchid early in the spring

Part of the magic in this place lies with the small things. A globose capsule atop Sphagnum fuscum. I wish we could hear them pop, but this is the only one I found in late September with the operculum (the capsule lid) still intact. Sept 2009 (2009 Plant Ecology Class)

High elevation endurance–small pond high up in the Trophy Meadows. July 2009 Field Botany Class

View from Trophy Meadows, Wells Gray Provincial Park. July 2009. Field Botany Class

Along the Place Lake Trail, Biol 211. One of my “botanical stutters” immortalized as I call “oak fern” (Gymnocarpium dryopteris) by my peculiar common name for it, “gold fern.”